The role of the urban informal economy in poverty-reduction and peace-building in five post-conflict cities with different experiences: institutional struggles for state control, economic conflict over control of resources, social/political control and emergent governance.
FARDC soldiers deployed in Kibumba, last position before entering into M-23 controlled zone, the 1st of September 2012
Exploration of causal theories of conflict participation and empirical research on post-conflict development by measuring subjective and objective empowerment and disempowerment in context.

This research will answer questions which directly fall under the remit of 2 of the 3 research questions of the ESRC-DFID Poverty Alleviation Research call, focusing on 'factors shaping pathways into and out of poverty ...' and 'measures that can be taken to reduce the risks and impact of violence and instability on the poorest...'

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