Photo by Albert Gonzalez Farran - UNAMID
This research will inform understanding of the correlation that between the barriers of disability, and multidimensional poverty It must be recognised that in settings where everyone is poor, where few people access wage labour, where school attendance is paltry, healthcare access is limited and social protection is almost non-existent then disabled people are not necessarily very different from their neighbours.

The role of education as a process for fighting discrimination, promoting social justice and overcoming poverty has been indisputable through focus on marginalization and 'educational poverty' and its implications for well-being and human development. However, growing literature is showing that education is failing the most vulnerable groups, such as girls by falling short on promises of equity and social justice.
This explores how the lived relationships between alcohol control, poverty and development in South Africa are manifested among Cape Town's poorest residents and contributes to debates in development studies, geography, urban studies and public health.


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