The Impact Initiative has closed. This website has now been archived and will no longer be updated.
The Impact Initiative has closed. This website has now been archived and will no longer be updated.

Blog: What does research for child poverty need to do?

Picture: Khánh Hmoong/Flickr licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

Dec 2016

Vivienne Benson, IDS.

Hosted by the Impact Initiative, the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty Research Day brought together researchers on child poverty from around the world (including from ESRC/DFID grant holders). They day focused on the reduction of economic and non-economic forms child poverty.

Given the diverse range of voices in the room, we asked the Coalition and ESRC/DfID grant holders, to finish off the statement: “Research for child poverty has to…?”  

Here's what they told us: 

“Research for child poverty has to…?”  
 Global Coalition to End Child Poverty members, and ESRC/DfID grant holders, respond.


“…elevate children’s voices” - Kate Kenny, Save the Children

“…identify who the poorest children are, where they are, why they are poor and remain in poverty and needs to give pointers to solutions..." - Richard Morgan, Save the Children

“…situate children within their families and their communities, and look for ways to reinforce the strengths that are there” - Diana Skelton, ATD Fourth World

 “…bring out best practice on what actions can make government take full responsibility in ending absolute child poverty” - Dorcas Kiplagat, Arigatou Foundation

“…make visible the key issues for children’s lives, and allow us to narrow the gap between the poorest and the richest, and in doing so, it plays a key role in helping the future generation overcome the barriers” - Antonio Franco Garcia, UNICEF

“…take account of the fact that children are part of families and communities and it’s the relationships between the children and their families and communities that shape whether they are poor and whether interventions can actually make a difference to their experience of poverty” - Nicola Ansell, Brunel University London

“…be very clear and identify the main causes of child poverty, so that policymakers across different countries can think about what the root causes are and what policy measures are most effective in reducing child poverty" - Willem Adema, OECD

“…take into account poverty dynamics, so as to ensure that poverty escapes are sustainable over time” - Vidya Diwakar, Overseas Development Institute

“…show that there are policies and programmes that not only work but are cost effective and will make a real difference for children in the societies they live in” - David Stewart, UNICEF

“…has to talk directly to children and young people” - Gina Porter, Durham University

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