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Posted: 24th September
Class Photo - Marasi Primary School Students (Kenya)
Colin Bangay, Senior Education Adviser, DFID-Sierra Leone, considers whether researchers and policymakers can do more to ensure the other’s perspectives are taken on board.
Posted: 23rd September
Dragons' Den Sign Up Sheet

At the Power of Partnership conference held in Delhi in December 2018, The Impact Initiative trialed a new conference activity.

Posted: 23rd September
Protecting migrants in the city panel, Hargeysa International Book Fair 2019

Now in its 12th year the Hargeysa International Book Fair, hosted in the Somaliland city of Hargeisa in July 2019. provides an opportunity for the de facto independent Republic of Somaliland to showcase cultural, literary and journalistic talent and develop an international profile.

Posted: 22nd August
Photograph of a keyboard with publish button at top
Publication is key to communicating new ideas and research findings. However, many scholars and students find the publication process challenging.
Posted: 15th August
3 Qualities for effective research & policy partnerships

The relationship between the UK’s research endeavour and its international partners is likely to alter in coming years as a result of changes in domestic funding streams and a potentially sharp exit from EU funded research projects.

Posted: 25th July
Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo
APPG panellists Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo (Global Disability Advisor, World Bank) and Anderson Gitonga (CEO, United Disabled Persons of Kenya) discuss the value of social science research evidence to influence policy and bring about change.
Posted: 22nd July
Disability and education
Nidhi Singal and Anderson Gitonga consider what progress has been made in relation to inclusive education, a year on from the first ever Global Disability Summit held in London in the summer of 2018.
Posted: 17th July
Diana Dalton
Diana Daltan, Deputy Director of the Department for International Development (DFID UK), provides an overview of the The Power of Partnerships event which brought together UK and Southern partners – donors, researchers, policy makers - to exchange knowledge on how to collaborate effectively to enhance the impact of the UK’s investment in interdisciplinary research.
Posted: 15th July
APPG Global Education

All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Global Education: Quality Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities

Taking place a year on from the Global Disability Summit, the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Global Education even

Posted: 15th July
Dragon's Den ESRC-DFID Power of Partnership: Research to Alleviate Poverty
A recent workshop in Kisumu, Kenya, brought together researchers on motorcycle taxis, mobility and track construction and urban food-security with relevant civil society groups and local policy makers with the hope of exploring local policy opportunities to support the role of urban/rural motorcycle taxi transport in addressing urban food security challenges.