The Impact Initiative has closed. This website has now been archived and will no longer be updated.
The Impact Initiative has closed. This website has now been archived and will no longer be updated.

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Posted: 3rd March
The UK’s long standing partnership with Bangladesh’s research and development community has been absolutely critical to the country’s remarkable progress over the last forty years.
Posted: 2nd March
Young women learn computer skills
In connection with the upcoming inaugural Digital Development Summit 2017, this blog by Nanjira Sambuli is the third is a series exploring the future of work in an increasingly digital world. Drawing on findings from the Women's Rights Online initiative, Sambuli highlights the ‘analogue’ factors that may create or undermine a viable future of technology and work for women in developing countries.
Posted: 1st March
A two-day workshop hosted by DFID, ESRC and the Impact Initiative for Raising Learning Outcomes in Education Systems Research (RLO) grant holders provided a welcome opportunity for researchers to meet, build networks, explore opportunities for scientific collaboration and share approaches and obstacles when considering pathways to impact.
Posted: 27th February
In a high-level meeting this week hosted by the Impact Initiative and the Institute of Development Studies, over 20 ESRC-DFID funded researchers as well as leading experts from the Bangladesh region have come together to share learning about what works in aid and development.
Posted: 22nd February
In the world of big data, evolving research into education policy and practice is a highly political, contested and complex space. Deciding when, how, where and with whom to share big data surely lies at the heart of the reason why we collect it in the first place. If research intends to create change and impact real lives, who deserves to hear the results most, and to be included centrally, and not peripherally, in its dissemination?
Posted: 20th February
Spirits in the Digital World
Becky Faith and Ben Ramalingam explain why the future of work in a digital age matters for development actors, and what we need to be thinking and doing differently.
Posted: 19th December
On 18 November, the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty and the Impact Initiative hosted a ‘Child Poverty Research Day’ to discuss current evidence, knowledge gaps and ways forward for research helping to reduce child poverty. Despite massive poverty reduction in the past decades, child poverty remains an issue requiring urgent action. The day was filled with sharing of research findings as well discussions of knowledge gaps and ideas for ways forward on how research, policy and practice can come together towards seeking a solution for ending child poverty.
Posted: 15th December
Simon Berry on leaflet of  Kit Yamoyo Special Offer and two people with a mobile phone taking up the offer
As information and communication technology (ICT) becomes more prevalent in low and middle-income countries (LMICs), both lay users and medical professionals are finding new and innovative ways to incorporate mobile health (mHealth) and electronic health (eHealth) tools into their everyday lives.
Posted: 7th December A disabled child is accommodated in a wheelchair, Darfur
This is the first occasion we have participated in a discussion on reducing global child poverty and we found the presentations also spoke to disability and how young children with disabilities and their families are more likely to experience economic and social disadvantage than those without disability.
Posted: 1st December - Vietnamese children playing
Hosted by the Impact Initiative, the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty Research Day brought together researchers on child poverty from around the world (including from ESRC/DFID grant holders). They day focused on the reduction of economic and non-economic forms child poverty. Given the diverse range of voices in the room, we asked the Coalition and ESRC/DfID grant holders, to finish off the statement: “Research for child poverty has to…?”