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Posted: 7th January
photograph of Arjan De Haan being interviewed for The Impact Initiative at the Power of Partnership conference in Delhi in December 2018

As a funder of research, assessing the quality of that research is of course on the top of our minds. We have well-established criteria and matrices: not that they provide infallible truths, but peer reviews if managed well give us very reliable assessments.

Posted: 20th December
Kelly Shephard (IDS) explores the role of storytelling in research and shares videos and impact stories from the 'Power of Partnership' event which took place in Delhi, India from 3 - 5 December 2018.
Posted: 17th December
Graphic illustration: Inclusive education at the Global Disability Summit
Whether you are running an event or want to disseminate research outcomes, finding accessible ways to engage your audience and spread the word is a concern of researchers and organisations alike. Creating a visual summary of your key messages provides people with a quick, accessible and engaging way to see what you are saying, but are visuals always the right choice?
Posted: 12th December

The Celebrating Impact Prize is the UK's Economic and Social Research Council's annual opportunity to recognise and reward ESRC-funded researchers who’ve created, or enabled, outstanding impact from social scie

Posted: 12th December
What happens when you take the worldwide television phenomenon of Dragons’ Den - known in many countries as Shark Tank – and swap business entrepreneurs for social scientists, and business tycoons for donors and policy actors?
Posted: 29th November
The 'Power of Partnership: Research to Alleviate Poverty' conference (3-5 December, New Delhi, India) of academics, practitioners, knowledge brokers, policy actors, and donors from the international community will extend learning and ongoing innovation across regions and projects. Much of the research presented has been co-constructed and co-delivered through innovative local and global partnerships committed to inclusivity and engagement with policy and practice.
Posted: 14th November
Francisco dos Santos demonstrates the preparation of the bicycle ambulance.

Likened to the Tower of Babel legend, the Mozambican national health system speaks several languages and pursues a range of different interests, answering to a number of partners and other bilateral and multilateral actors who all have some kind of circumstantial and contextual interest.

Posted: 3rd October
RLO Africa Symposium
Drawing on interviews from the Africa Symposium of the ESRC-DFID-funded “Raising Learning Outcomes in Education Systems” (RLO) research programme held in September, Dr. Rafael Mitchell explores the role of non-academic stakeholders in the programme.