Markets in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Case studies in four cities with different legal traditions, Dar es Salaam, Ahmedabad, Durban and Dakar, draw on extensive interviews with street traders, local authorities and others, to contribute to improved policy development.
 Ugandan man on a bike, Cilia Schubert, licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
Investigating interventions for widening participation in one public and one private university in Ghana and Tanzania. Taking widening participation as a focus, the aim is to interrogate what universities are doing in relation to poverty reduction.

Principal Investigator: Francis John Teal. Lead Organisation: University of Oxford

Co-investigators: Abigail Barr
A systematic review of research of quantitative analysis of examination performance over 10 years, qualitative analysis of the processes of examination setting, and case studies on student engagement,the impact of classroom support, and teacher assessment.

Principal Investigator: David Wilkie. Lead Organisation: Wildlife Conservation Society 

Co-investigators: Eleanor Milner-Gulland; Katherine Mary Homewood


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