Poverty and Conflict

Poverty and conflict are widely understood to be closely interconnected; with poverty making countries more prone to civil war, and armed conflict weakening governance and economic performance, thus increasing the risk of conflict relapse (Goodhand 2001). The selected readings in this pack move beyond reductive and harmful assumptions about ‘pathologies’ of poverty to examine the latest research into the poverty-conflict nexus. Earlier studies identified macro-level factors that made countries more likely to experience armed conflict.

Blog: Underpinning efforts to end conflict with sound evidence
Informing policy and practice with rigorous evidence will be at the heart of the upcoming Impact Initiative ‘Lessons from a Decade’s Research on Poverty: Innovation, Engagement and Impact’ conference. Professor Patricia Justino talks about the need to understand what the future holds for development ahead of the Conference where much conversation will centre on a decade of research and its influence on tackling poverty and improving development.


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