Blog: Obama’s Global Food Security Act - a new global politics of provisions?

Aug 2016
Terrorist attacks and a related rash of populist political uprisings in this hot and hungry El Nino season of mid-2016 pushed at least one event off the headlines it should rightly have occupied. This was the passage of the United States Government’s ‘Global Food Security Act of 2016’, signed by President Obama in July. Naomi Hossein, a Research Fellow in the Power and Popular Politics Cluster at the Institute of Development Studies, explores the global politics of food provision.
While Government and NGOs in Bangladesh have undertaken many interventions designed to help households escape poverty, little is known about their long-term impact. Using a new longitudinal data set spanning 12 years and more than 1800 households, this project will investigate the long-term impact of three anti-poverty interventions—microfinance, agricultural technology, and educational transfers—on several measures of well-being and compare their cost-effectiveness.

This project will examine the impacts of the AIDS pandemic on the livelihoods of young people in rural Malawi and Lesotho. Several southern African countries with exceptionally high HIV prevalence have also experienced recurrent food crises in recent years – a situation that has been (somewhat controversially) labelled 'New Variant Famine'.


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