Call for participants: study on 'fair and equitable research partnerships’ focus groups/interviews

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The Open University and coordinating team, commissioned by Research Councils UK (RCUK), is leading a study on Understanding and Improving ‘Fair and Equitable Research Partnerships’ in Response to Global Challenges, and currently seeks participants to join focus groups and interviews.

Over the next few weeks, the coordinating team will be gathering perspectives from different groups, and are looking, in particular, to engage academic or civil society partners from the global South (either co-investigators or formal / informal partners) who have collaborated with and/or supported UK-based universities on RCUK-funded bids - to feed into new recommendations for RCUK and the UK Government.

Aim of the study

This study will establish a “partners’ perspective” on fair and equitable research partnerships in response to global challenges. It will do this by identifying barriers to and opportunities for participation in research funded by the UK government through the Research Councils UK (RCUK), and use this as a basis for establishing principles for ‘best practice’ for a range of stakeholders.

What will I be asked?

The coordinating team are interested in hearing about your perceptions of and experiences in engaging with RCUK-funded research. This might include participating in boards or review panels, being approached by UK-universities as potential partners, or collaborating in research partnerships. We are also interested to hear from those who have not engaged with RCUK-funded research but are interested in doing so in the future

How do I participate?

If you would like to take part - you can participate in two ways:

  1. Join a focus group of academic partners from the global South (coordinated by UNESCO Chairs in Community-Based Research Budd Hall and Rajesh Tandon) or civil society partners from the global South (coordinated by Pradeep Narayanan at PRAXIS Institute of Participatory Practices). These will take place between Monday 16 and Monday 23 April 2018 and will take the form of a remote webinar using Zoom.

  2. Contribute your written reflections – you will be provided with a few questions to guide your written reflections.

There may also be the option of a one-to-one telephone or Skype/Zoom interview.

To express an interest in participating in a focus group for civil society practitioners, please contact Pradeep Narayanan. To join a focus group for academic partners please contact Budd Hall.

Find out more about the study and focus group/interviews 

For further information about the study, the focus group and interview process, or to return a consent form, please contact the Principal Investigaor: Jude Fransman. The Open University

Coordinating team: