Learning from the Joint Fund: share your views!

 Photo credit: windows.com on Unsplash


For 15 years, the Joint Fund has commissioned high-quality research on poverty alleviation, across a broad range of topics and methodologies. With the Fund now coming to an end, DFID and ESRC have commissioned an evaluation to assess the extent to which individual projects, and the Joint Fund as a whole, has achieved its aim of informing policy and practice on poverty alleviation. The evaluation has a strong learning dimension, and aims at identifying key lessons that should be passed on from the Joint Fund to current and future funds of similar scope and ambition, and in particular the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF).


The evaluation team (from LTS International and Cloud Chamber) is keen to hear from Joint Fund Phase 3 grantees about opportunities and challenges for achieving impact from their research, and their overall experience with the fund.


Over the next few months, there will be several opportunities for Joint Fund researchers to share their views and experience. The first step is an online survey, to which PIs, Co-Is, researcher and other team members of Phase 3 Joint Fund projects are invited to participate. 




The survey takes around 10-15 minutes to complete, and is completely confidential. Each team member should fill in the survey individually.


Please get in touch with the evaluators (Valeria-Izzi@ltsi.co.uk) if you have any question about the evaluation, or if there is any aspect of your project and/or your experience with the Joint Fund that you’d like to share.  


Unsure if your project falls in Phase 3? Check the list below.