Gender cuts across all the themes, with resources on issues such as maternal health, education, social norms, power, rights, and employment.

Projects & Publications

Each project is summarised to describe the work of the research grant recipients and their intended impact and outputs. This view shows projects mapped to the locations where the research was carried out.

Projects have been assigned one of eight primary cross-cutting themes. To see all the projects grouped under a particular theme click on that topic in the menu bar. You can also use the search fields to find projects or their related outputs grouped by country, keywords, location, organisation, or people who were the named grantees for the project or publication authors. You can make multiple selections. Use The Impact Initiative logo in the top left of the screen or the home icon to return to the home page.


Rethinking impact: applying the gender lens

This gender pack profiles the cross-cutting research, funded by the ESRC-DFID Strategic Partnership, that provides clear lessons on gender equality and mainstreaming in international development for practitioners, funders and researchers.
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Research for policy and practice

Gender and education

This collection provides valuable research evidence from Honduras, Malawi, Niger and South Africa on strategies to ensure commitments to eliminate gender disparities in education are met.
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Research for policy and practice

Women's life choices

Research evidence that explores women and girls' mobility constraints; barriers to healthcare; and the significance of education systems in enhancing their economic opportunities and career choices.
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Impact story

Investigating Domestic Violence Law in Cambodia

Research on Domestic Violence (DV) law in Cambodia not only contributed to greater understanding of the limitations of the legislation but was used as evidence in a law court.
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