Research for policy and practice

ESRC-DFID Research for Policy and Practice: water security

Photo: Pastoralists in the Afar Region, Ethiopia. Photo credit: ¬© WEEP, Cranfield University.

All too often in water management, short-term gains for the few are prioritised above long-term benefits for the many. Draws on research into the realities facing people for whom water insecurity is a daily threat in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia.

Focus projects: 

Pastoralists in the Afar Region, Ethiopia
Principal Investigator: Paul Hutchings. Lead Organisation: Cranfield University.
Co-Investigators: Barbara C. Van Koppen (International Water Management Institute IWMI); Alison Parker (Cranfield University); Bethel Gebremedhin (International Rescue Committee, IRC)

Principal Investigator: Marlene Elias. Lead Organisation: Bioversity International

Co-investigators: Idrissa Ouedraogo; Mansour Boundaogo; Sarah Jones; Traore Aurokiatou Tiegoue; Mark Mulligan; Natalia Estrada Carmona; Fabrice DeClerck