Research for policy and practice

ESRC-DFID research for policy and practice: women's life choices

Photo: © Nyani Quarmyne/Panos.

A collection of ESRC-DFID-funded research which identifies critical elements to address if women’s and girls’ lives are to change for the better. Explores mobility constraints; barriers to healthcare; and the significance of education systems in enhancing economic opportunities and career choices.

Focus projects: 

Results from this research changed education policy and practice, particularly in Ghana; and transport policy and practice, shown through the inclusion of children in the Tanzania Draft National Transport Policy Framework.
Mother and baby, Ghana photo by directrelief on flickr
The aim of this project is to quantify the spatial links between poverty and poor utilisation of maternal health services in Ghana. This project builds on previous work in a range of African countries which showed that individual and community characteristics alone do not go far towards explaining service use at childbirth, especially in West African countries

Principal Investigator: Nicola Ansell. Lead Organisation: Brunel University

Co-investigator: Peggy Froerer; Ian Rivers; Roy Huijsmans

A colorized scanning electron micrograph of Mycobaterium tuberculosis, the bacteria that cause TB.
Tuberculosis services were modified in response to the findings from Nepal, Yemen and Ethiopia to promote equitable and increased access to health services for under-served populations, with particular focus on impacts on women.