Working paper

Impact Lessons: Engaging Marginalised Communities in National Policy Formation

© Jorge Martin 2021 

Explores six key benefits of involving marginalised groups in national policy formation which emerged from the Impact Initiative's ‘Engaging Marginalised Communities in National Policy Formation’ virtual event in June 2020. The event explored how researchers can engage marginalised groups in national policy processes and the different strategies for engaging with policy and practice that are employed in a range of research programmes. Participants shared their experiences of engaging marginalised groups, mainly with a focus on working with children and youth, and identified lessons for other researchers considering this approach. Research programmes involving young people, including women and girls, people with disabilities, and youth definitions of marginalisation, and examining issues including sexuality, intergenerational relationships, and migration, provided research examples that formed the basis of the event.

Focus projects: 

The overall aim of the research is to generate new knowledge about how marginalised youth perceive, navigate, negotiate and respond to uncertainty in impoverished fragile and conflict affected communities in Ethiopia and Nepal.