Impact story

Reforming Higher Education Teaching Practices in Africa

Photo: A group of students sit together outside a University in Botswana. Credit: © Marc Shoul/Panos Pictures.

Critical thinking – the process of questioning and learning with an open mind – is considered one of the most important outcomes of a contemporary university education, a crucial skill for graduate participation in the global ‘knowledge economy’. Thanks to innovative research from University College London, UK together with researchers from the University of Botswana, the University of Cape Coast in Ghana, and Strathmore University in Kenya, universities across sub-Saharan Africa are now making changes to their teaching practices to support the development of their students’ critical thinking skills.

Focus projects: 

University of Nairobi
This project aims to expand the existing evidence base around how pedagogical practices affect the development of critical thinking at African higher education institutions in Kenya, Ghana and Botswana.