Impact story

Tackling Extreme Poverty Through Psychological Support in Bangladesh

Credit: © IFPRI/Farha Khan, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.
Photo: Measuring vegetables while selling in the market at Khagrachari, Bangladesh. 

An initiative in Bangladesh, led by the international non-governmental organisation BRAC, to provide material and psychological support to the poorest individuals and households has proved to be a sustainable and lasting way to prevent them from falling back into poverty.

Focus projects: 

A new set of initiatives, called graduation programmes, target poor households with asset transfers and income support for a fixed period. The objective is to graduate poor households out of poverty and support their resilience so they do not fall back into poverty.

Principal Investigator: Mushtaque Chowdhury. Lead Organisation: BRAC Centre

Co-investigators: Asheek Mohammad Shimul; Ferdous Jahan; Martin Greeley