Health in developing countries; accountability for health; equitable health systems; infectious diseases; maternal, newborn and child health
News: Participate in the 2020 Global Symposium on Health Systems Research

The Sixth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research (#HSR2020) - which is co-sponsored by Health Systems Global (HSG) - takes place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from 8-12 November 2020.

News: Learning from Brazil and Mozambique on Universal Health Coverage and accountability politics

The Unequal Voices project, enabled by the ESRC-DFID Joint Fund for Poverty Alleviation Research, has produced vibrant policy engagements from the local to the global level, and for its final output, a set of flagship articles synthesising the evidence and insights from São Paulo, Amazonas, Maputo and Zambézia have been published. The latest of which is the Novos Estudos special issue.

Blog: Universal Health Coverage - where did we get lost?
The global community has established a shared and widely accepted vision on the importance and significance of global goals, such as the SDGs and Universal Health Coverage (UHC). However, the contextual significance of achieving these goals and objectives varies depending on the context.
News: Ethiopian Government invites researchers and youth to shape new policy
This week at the National Youth Seminar, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, researchers, NGOs and young people will highlight the need to consider youth justice and rehabilitation, street connectedness and disability in the new policy.
Blog: Barriers to education for disabled youth
Despite legislation and commitments to ensure equitable access to education, evidence from Kenya, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zambia shows that school attendance of disabled youth is very poor. In Ethiopia, stories bring to life the barriers preventing young disabled people from reaching their full potential.
Blog: Being young and disabled in the city
Many disabled people experience social isolation, and struggle to participate in society. Many people with disabilities feel marginalised, with evidence from Kenya and Liberia highlighting lower voting-participation, and struggles to find sustainable employment, particularly in towns and cities.
News: Why tackling period poverty is an issue for everyone
Emily Wilson Smith, Mandu Reid and Catherine Dolan discuss menstruation and links with sustainable economic growth, period poverty across the globe, stigmatisation and education in the New Statesman (7 February 2019).
News: A critical challenge for developing country health systems: drivers of overtreatment
A critical challenge for developing country health systems is to craft policy that gives individuals with curable diseases like malaria and pneumonia access to potentially life-saving medical care, while avoiding that patients consume unnecessary medical treatment or get treated for the wrong illness.


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