Making a living and securing basic necessities in challenging environments. Including issues such as: social protection, climate change, resource scarcity, human capital, disabilities, resilience, and wellbeing.

Providing Alternatives to Fossil Fuels in Nepal

Inadequate energy supply continues to hinder social and economic development in Nepal. Despite a wealth of renewable energy potential – particularly with hydropower but also solar and biomass – sustainability and access remain major challenges. A research project, led by the University of Leeds, with partners in Nepal and the UK, identified indigenous oil seed plants as an alternative, more environmentally friendly energy source than fossil fuels.

Blog: Urbanisation, motorcycle taxi transport and food-security in Africa’s ‘secondary cities’

Jul 2019
A recent workshop in Kisumu, Kenya, brought together researchers on motorcycle taxis, mobility and track construction and urban food-security with relevant civil society groups and local policy makers with the hope of exploring local policy opportunities to support the role of urban/rural motorcycle taxi transport in addressing urban food security challenges.


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