Security in development and conflict contexts, including issues such as: local governance, education, religion, and gender.

Climate change and variability are impacting livelihoods. Most governments in developing countries see this in the context of rural agriculture and food security. This work instead approaches the effects on problems of the urban poor.
Kayima street scene, Sierra Leone
Investigating whether a "clash of institutions" is a factor determining poverty in developing countries, with a specific focus on land, labour, seeds and rural credit in conflict recovery regions of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Social Network Analysis Predicts Health Behaviours and Self-Reported Health in African Villages

The provision of healthcare in rural African communities is a highly complex and largely unsolved problem. Social networks have been shown to capture health outcomes in a variety of contexts. Yet, it is an open question as to what extent social network analysis can identify and distinguish among households that are most likely to report poor health and those most likely to respond to positive behavioural influences.


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