Security in development and conflict contexts, including issues such as: local governance, education, religion, and gender.

Principal Investigator: Miguel Alexandre Fonseca. Lead Organisation: University of Exeter

Co-investigators: Surajeet Chakravarty; Sugata Marjit     

Teresia Oloitai sells corn at the Maasai market in Tanzania
The 18 month study involves the analysis of high quality data collected from Dar-es-Salaam, and a contrasting rural site, Mbeya to explore how poor women engaged in formal or informal employment activities outside the home describe the impact of their work on their roles and relationships.
credit: matianming/Flickr
Based on a comparison of 20 migrant villages in three major Chinese cities, and slums in other developing countries; analysis includes housing development and regulation, with learnings from workshops and capacity building.


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